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Welcome to the North Central Fire Protection District website. 

Content on this site is intended to offer helpful information to the citizens who reside within the District.  If at anytime the content is not satisfactory or there are additional questions, please feel free to contact the office at (559) 275-5531 or (559) 621-4199 for business related questions. Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.   Please remember these numbers are to address business-related matters; urgent situations regarding life, safety, property, and emergency requests should be sought using the 911 system.

All requests for emergency personnel to respond to your location is most effective utilizing the 911 system. 


In 1944, a group of concerned citizens, business owners, and farmers began planning the formation of a fire protection district.  The action was prompted by major fires, which devastated businesses and some of the largest packing houses in western Fresno County.  

The District was organized under the 1881 Act of the Public Health and Safety Code of California.  On December 11, 1945, as a result of a vote by District residents and approval of the Fresno County Board of Supervisors, the North Central Fire Protection District was formed.  On July 31, 1947, the District became active with Irving H. Cordy as its first fire chief.  In January  1946, three County fire commissioners were appointed.  In 1965, the number of directors was increased from three to five and the directors were elected by the residents of the District.   

In the District’s beginning in 1947, it served 300 square miles, which included unincorporated areas along the northern and western borders of the city of Fresno, and the incorporated city of Kerman and the township of Biola.  In 1947, four fire stations were built and four fire engines were put into service.  There were seven paid personnel and thirty volunteers.   

One of the original 1947 fire engines known as Engine No. 1 was restored in 1997 to help celebrate the District’s 50th year.  The restoration was funded by private donations and a fund-raiser dinner.  Old engine no. 1 is still driven  in the local parades held in the District each year.     

In 1976, the District served a population of 55,000 residents throughout approximately 250 square miles with seven fire stations, nine fire engines, and one water tender.  The District employed 65 full-time personnel and 30 volunteers.  This was the peak of the District in terms of personnel and equipment.  In the years to follow, as the city of Fresno expanded its borders, the District was forced to close two of its stations and reduce  full-time personnel to 48.   

On July 1, 2007, upon approval by the District electorate, the District entered into a 30-year contract for services with the Fresno Fire Department, which improved daily staffing levels and eliminated redundant services.  The District is still governed by a five-member Board of Directors who are elected by the residents of the District.  The District retained ownership of all their stations, fire apparatus, water tenders, and rescue equipment.      

In June 2008, the District again improved its level of service through the addition of a new aerial ladder truck and truck company to the Kerman station.  This increased the minimum staffing levels in Kerman from four firefighters to six firefighters on duty each day.   

The District currently serves a population of 46,000 residents over approximately 250 square miles with three District fire stations, one aerial ladder truck, three fire engines, two water tenders, and the numerous other resources available through the merging of operational services provided in the agreement with the Fresno Fire Department.    


Station 21
15850 W Kearney Boulevard
Kerman, California 93630
Kearney and Siskiyou

Constructed in 1984 on a 1.7 acre lot, and located in the city of Kerman, Station No. 21 was part of the 2007 merger between Fresno Fire Department and North Central Fire Protection District.  The station was the former headquarters for NCFD.  This 13,372 square foot station now houses an engine company, a 105' ladder truck company, a water tender, and is a post for American Ambulance crew. As the size of Kerman increases, so does the volume of emergency calls Station 21 responds to.  The recent addition of the ladder truck will greatly increase the protection of lives and property in the City of Kerman and neighboring areas.

 Engine No. 21- Staffed by a crew of three
Truck No. 21- Staffed by a crew of three
Water Tender No. 21- holds 3,000 gallons of water and is staffed by a firefighter from Station 21. 

Station 22
806 S Garfield
Fresno, California  93706
Garfield and Kearney

Constructed in 1988, this station is located on the southwest corner of Kearney Park. As part of the Fresno Fire Department and North Central Fire Protection District merger, this station is home to a single-engine company and is the front-line defense for the Kearney Mansion.

Engine No.22- Staffed by a crew of three  

Station 23
4555 N Biola
Biola, California  93606
Biola and H Street

Constructed in 1986, this small station is located in Biola.  Station No. 23 is part of the 2007 Fresno Fire Department and North Central Fire Protection District merger.  This station houses a single engine company and a water tender.

Engine No. 23- Staffed by a crew of three
Water Tender No. 23- holds 3,000 gallons of water and is staffed by a firefighter from the engine 

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