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A Culture of Training

The District strives to cultivate a training culture where everyone can grow and learn within the organization. To accomplish this the District uses in-service training, position based professional development, California State Fire Marshal certification, professional designations, and the investment in our members to attend outside training events and conferences. Each assignment or development opportunity is delivered and tracked through Target Solutions software. This program allows the District to have accountability of required and recommend training and ensure compliance records are tracked effectively. Records management and reporting is critical to ensuring each member performs at the highest level. To meet Insurance Services office (ISO) requirements, each year the Districts firefighters, engineers, and officers are required to complete hundreds of hours of training. This training includes but not limited to:

contains fireman, with fire helmet, clothing, and apparel, training with fire hose
  • 192 hours of company training
  • 12 hours of Driver Operator Training
  • 12 hours of Officer specific training
  • 18 hours of facilities training
  • 6 hours of hazardous materials training
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