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City of Kerman Plans Review Submitial 


For Plans submitted in the City of Kerman the process is as follows:

  1. Applicant submits plans to the City of Kerman building department and a permit number is assigned.
  2. The City of Kerman sends plans out to a third-party plan reviewer.
  3. Plans are “Reviewed for Code Compliance” by the third-party plan reviewer and sent back to the city.
  4. The project will then require plan review by North Central Fire Protection District (NCFPD), you may use the attached plans that state, “Reviewed for Code Compliance” by the third-party plan reviewer to submit to NCFPD directly, by PDF (digitally) only.  PDF (digital) plans should be submitted to the fire prevention email below.
  5. North Central Fire will contact the applicant once the plan review is completed. 
  6. Applicant will then be required to come into North Central Fire Protection District Headquarters and pay for plan review, obtain fire permit/job card or have a letter stating no fire review required at North Central Fire Protection District: 15850 W. Kearney Blvd, Kerman, CA 93630 | Office: (559) 878-4560.
  7. Once payment is recieved the plans will be sent back to the applicant via email from
  8. Applicant will then submit plans back to the City of Kerman to complete the City’s process of obtaining a building permit.

For instructions on how to Request an Inspection or contact NCFPD directly at 559-878-4560.

Plan Review Application

(This form must be completed with all plans submitted)

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Any Document less than 20MB in size can be emailed to


Permit fees are due upon approval of plans. A representative from our office will be in contact with you to provide plan status. We do not provide plan status during the plan review period. Plan review may take up to 21 business days for each review (including resubmittals)

Plan Review Form - DFP-01

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