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Larry Ervin

Position: Battalion Chief (A-Shift)
Mailing Address:
15850 W. Kearney Blvd., Kerman CA 93630

Chief Ervin came to the District form the City of Memphis fire department after a 25 year career. Chief Ervin holds a Masters degree in Homeland Security from the Naval Post Graduate School and is an IFSAC/ProBoard Fire Instructor I and Fire Officer IV. Chief Ervin has been charged with management and oversight of Operations, special operations, grants, and District programs to include;

Grant Management (individual and regional)

  1. AFG Operations and Safety Grants
  2. Micro Grants
  3. Office of Traffic Safety 
  4. Others as assigned

Vacation Draws

Station Bids and Interim Draws

Operations Budget Development

Equipment Committee

Training Committee

 NFIRS Reporting and Oversight

Officer Development

Special operations (Confined Space/water/hazmat)


  1. Calibration
  2. Hose testing
  3. Ladder testing
  4. Suit testing
  5. Atmospheric monitors
  6. Nozzle maintenance and repair
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