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Sierra Sky Park Airport

General Aviation Airport

Built in 1946 the Sierra Sky Park Airport is a small airport located in Fresno California, within the North Central Fire Protection District. It has a fairly small asphalt runway topping out at just under 3000 feet thus only smaller general aviation planes can use it. The single runaway is oriented 120/300 degrees and can average as many as 30-35 plane movement per day. There is no commercial service nor is there any sort of terminal facilities available.

Map of Metro District area

Sierra Sky Park is rated as a 5 stars airport and was the first residential aviation community in the world. Think of it as your normal residential housing development and just add an airport in the middle of the neighborhood. The streets are extra wide and the garages in the homes large enough for an aircraft and a vehicle or two. Thus resident of the community can land their planes, taxi down the residential streets to their homes, and park a small plane in their own garage. There are about 110 homes in this unique community.  Its really memorable the first time someone sees a plane land and then just taxi down the street with other cars like its  a normal activity.

It is one of the more unique airports in the world.

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