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Tri-Tip Dinner & Casino Night 2023

Advertisement, poster, and qr code for fundraiser May 6, 2023
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As a part of the Fire District's mission, we are making a conscious decision to ensure that we partner with the Kerman Unified School District (KUSD) and community organizations to create an "On-Ramp" for high school students, our young adults to discover a fire services career and buid a passion  to pursue their goals.

The Fire District provides a classroom and instructor at the Kerman fire station, where the ROP Fire Science students (Junior and Seniors) attend  daily, for the full school year.  These students have been and will be exposed to a potential career of service, and give them the opportunity to live and work in their community.

The 2022 graduating class will have the chocie to continue their fire service education at Fresno Community College (FCC), where they will attend an Emergency Medical Techinican (EMT) class and then the FCC Fire Academy, and then spend two semesters in Kerman performing the full duties of a firefighter.  Both the Fire District , along with KUSD are partnering to provide finacial assistance to students continuing their education.

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